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Come harvest with me
Under our mighty sun

My blood is thicker for my love that passes
Thousands of times I have smoked

Weeping Red ends the sky
Oak Red makes sky greater

The strength of mountains can no longer hold me
The strength of currents can no longer carry me

Kneel down by the river
An eagle lands upon a rock

My heart is now in summer
And summer is my heart

Weeping Red makes good rope
Oak Red makes good boil

Leaves fall for long
Colored teas gathered

Winter winds blow in my face
Blistered hands burnt

Move Westward said Eagle God
Become named and never return

Come back a new son
Return as a mighty one

Come back a new daughter
Return as a blade of grass

Weeping Red now gone
Oak Red now gone

Drum beat played on hill
Drum beat played on ground

Men with cow carcass bellies
Blow to your burial

The wind leaves a trail
And the rain pours on your dead

 2001 David Greg Harth