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With you
Going down
Caressing your every curve
Soft skin

I slide
My soapy hands
Guiding them down
Your slender silky body

I remember your kindness
Your devotion
Your lust you shared
I remember our desire
Your heart
Your eyes

As you stand beside me
In our shower
With hot water dripping down
Our souls exchanging
Our hands rubbing

I stand behind you
Grasping your breasts
Your stiff nipples
Kissing the back of your neck
Your warm neck

Sliding my fingers through your hair
Wetness all around
Suds between

I pour
The wine
Red whine down your back
In your hair
Candlelit shown

The wine pours down
Between your ass cheeks
And on my cock
Across your breasts
And down your stomach
In the depths of your cute navel

And further down
Deep inside
Your wet pussy lips
Inside your warmth
The sex we shall have

Water all around
Red wine shared
Passion explored
In our steamy shower

As my cock rubs up against your ass
A tingle between your legs
I kiss you from behind
And give you poetry with my hands
My touch
My thrust
I give

 1998 David Greg Harth