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Without Warning
Exquisite and intricate,
like an angel she fell from the sky;
She encompassed me with her loyal affection until I die.

Divine and graceful,
like Venus wading inward from the sea;
She swallowed my heart entirely.

Seductive and brilliant,
like a Siren with admirable intention;
She lured me deep into the flames of an untimely passion.

Inspiring and philanthropic,
like an exemplar to the entire people;
She guided me with warmth and a gospel.

Falling into place,
unexpectedly before my eyes of blue;
She smiled with whispers of her virtue.

Beauty surrounding me,
a Goddess like you I never witnessed;
From this day forth, I am your artist.

So I surrender to you,
and without warning,
I have fallen in love,
in love with you.

 2005 David Greg Harth