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Without You
I saw the thorn twist in your side
And I was so revolted that there was a thorn in your thigh
I just had to lean over
And relieve myself of this morning's breakfast

And I realized
I can live without you
And I cant live with you
How can I go on with you if you have a damn thorn in your thigh?

Why don't you goto the dermotologist and have that removed?
You gave yourself away and you still expect me to be with you?
Thats insane.
And then on top of that and your thorn in your thigh
You tied my hands up like a silly s&m director

I couldn't win
You always lost
It was kind of like a tie, like my hands.
You thorny whore!
Go back for some more!

 1999 David Greg Harth
harth, being silly