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Wolf's Flu
She asked me, "Would you like some more?"
I said "Yes please."

Overhead, on the radio, I could hear what seemed to be the Talking Heads

We had a conversation, about the songs that related to every woman I dated
or was involved with. Its weird, we both realized, ... it was a hot summer

Am I right or wrong? My god, what have I done?

Nowadays its no more 12 cups of coffee with 4 sugar and 2 sweet n' low per cup.
Now I take it black, strong, thick.

It was a conversation unrealistic. I only spoke to her once. When she was
in California and I was in New York. We've exchanged before but not like
this. It was just grand. I recall my High School English professor using
that word.

Today I put on a suit and tie and got myself a new job.
In a way its kind of horrible, I have to 'dress up' now when I goto work.
Some days are better than others.
And, If I want to be free, Ill be free.
Its in my head.

She rolled over, next to the ice cold glass of water.
She was in white, the drapes moved with the wind from the open window.
Far in the back we heard the rumble of a stock train going by.
This is where we were that day.
Later I met with Paul and Andy and Myself.
I wish I had some tongues with me.

One summer I would drive my car on errands for my gay boss.
I would drive up the New York State Thruway and get off.
That summer I listened to two songs over and over again, and one tape.
She made me a turkey sandwich, He knew something was up.

My grandmother, on my mother's side, she would make this potted chicken
dish stew thing.
I, pretty much hated it. But I really did dig the potatos and carrots in
the stew.

If I'm out in the sun too long, I get an awful sunburn.
Who wants to go walk on a nude beach?
I was walking home the other day, just after a thunderstorm.
The sky was so incredible. The sunset was just over the clouds, but hiding.
The sky was pink and the light reflected all over me and on the streets and
buildings and people and taxi cabs, gosh I wish I could replicate that
beauty ... in a painting or photograph... But It will have to last in my
head. As long as I can take it.

So, like I said, Ill bring down the government walls.

I finished, and asked her for the check.
I told her "Have a good night."

 1999 David Greg Harth @ 296 New York City