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Woman In Blue
The woman in blue
My Azul
From Argentina
Showing her belly button
Her smiling lips
Her beauty bending
Few words spoken
Glances from chairs
I wish I knew her name
I wish I knew her name

She sat just a few chairs away
Just before we exchanged questions and answers
She would look back at me
I would look at her
Glancing her up and down
Following her contour
Her bare feet
And black low cut pants
Up upon her waist and her tight piercing-blue top
The curves of her breasts to her neck
And her rose lips and great baby brown eyes

Imagined the love we could make
She was, a guess, about thirty-four or five
Beautiful from the Southern Sea
All we did for the rest of the evening
Was glance at eachother
Not speaking a word
Only exchanging smiles of wonder and understanding
And appreciation for the photographic memories

Woman In Blue
I wish I got to know you
Your aging hands and palms and ringless heart

Woman In Blue
I might bump into you and grind away at what makes you tick
Through our connection of wires that brought us together

I'll see you later
Hopefully at Two
Tonight I'll dream of Blue

 1999 David Greg Harth @ 296 @ 296 @ 296
New York City