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I know I'm a martyr
With huge concrete walls
Grid steel plates
And outward planks

I'm Lucipher
I bring you hell
Open up my mind
And look under my eyelids

What do you see, scurring along?
Controling my thoughts
Entering and exiting
My existence?

Lift me up
See all the womyn
Turning my gears
Using cement to tear down a wall

The chisel stays aside
The hammer stays aside
The womyn climb and fall
The men scale and break their necks

Its a fort that can not be told
A prison that I'm forever trapped in
I wish to dance every dance with you

Take my chains off
Watch my muscles be pulled by the womyn
I want to make (edited) with you
In the midnight sun

My head spins
Full of womyn
And artistry men
Fathers and ghosts
And long last brothers
Climbing water towers

Until I dive

Crying alone
Beauty lives within
Secret lies
And plains for buffalos to roam

Burning inside

 1998 David Greg Harth NJ