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The World Knows
I lowered the light.
I turned down the covers.
I wish you good night.

I stepped back from the situation.
I returned to my home.
I don't want any more complication.

I have a few more fights up my sleeve.
I know that we'll be one.
I am confident that we both believe.

I am the author of your dream.
I encompass your heart.
I flow like a conscious stream.

I traveled far from above.
I was brought down from heaven.
I am your love.

I blossom like a flower.
I am the knight on your horse.
I bestow my status as bachelor.

I sailed the high sea.
I looked no further than your blue eyes.
I opened myself free.

I drift in harmony.
I cherish my moments with you.
I hold them closely.

I catapult to the stars when in your embrace.
I kiss you forever past midnight's clock.
I float above earth without a trace.

I do not hide.
I have deep feelings for you.
I will not subside.

I complete your heart.
I encountered your soul.
I think it's time to start.

I rescue you of your ache.
I claim my heart belongs to you.
I ask you to awake.

I rise to the morning dew.
I wish so much that you were at my side.
I declare the world knows, that I love you.

 2006 David Greg Harth