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Black Cars
I ain't nothin'
I'm scrap
I'm trash
My sign is nothing
My image is nothing

My style is stolen
My behavior is immitated
My look is manufactured

I ain't nothin'
I'm low
I'm invisible

They don't notice me
They don't consider me
They don't allow me
They don't acknowledge me
They don't follow me
They don't fondle me

I ain't nothin'
I'm a no body
I'm worthless
I'm a piece of dung

I'm not heard
I'm not seeked
I'm not reported
I'm not stalked
I'm not felt

I ain't nothin'
I don't have a voice
I don't have a friend
I don't have a telephone
I don't have a white glove
I don't have a back door

I ain't nothin'
Because I don't travel in black cars

 2000 David Greg Harth