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I've made you
I've created you
From dirt earth
From Indian ground!

I've clamped down upon you
Captured you
Made you hell
I swallowed you whole!

I bit your nipples
And climbed on top
I tore your leather garter off
And forgot that the dogs were watching!

I create pornography for you
Made a school cum-back
Reached inside and grabbed a wet one
And did it all over again!

Youve made me hard
I don't want to go back
My hands cupping your breasts
Shower down with me!

You are a great X
A Lover
A Secret
A Mother Fucker!

Lets get down
Get kinky
Luscious and dirty!

Leaking and sneaking
Out back, around, tonight
Sugar beat
See you at midnight!

 2000 David Greg Harth nyc  nyc