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Black Chariot
Hollow heart grieves
For the third decade's third
From the southern mountain top
To the oven's last howl

She follows him in dreams
He walked the long road
With an unsolved disease
Found scatters of pewter

Empty son of unknown and drunken
Honored endorsed the written
The boxer loses his match
Mouth bleeds verse

Expiration draws moths near
Praying louder over your own rumble
Last dance has been sung
Spread upon leaves of grass

Fruit eaters of the way
Parting devotional waters
Finding sins in promises
Motions conducted the eagerly pleased

Trees roll down cascading autumn crops
Damaged dreamers climb higher
No steps to support loose footing
Your stones crumble into the sea

Men of cloth scold his activities
Molested last night's politician
Shank bone departed in the chariot
Left the witnesses behind

Head given under the filthy
Behind velvet ropes pain radiates
Spinal fluid tapped out
Spilled protein leaked down to the eleventh floor

Awakened from sleep
Insects crawl out of his rear canal
Sparrows swallow her plea
Cries fetched no aide

Lonely die in drought
Tears reborn the ocean's cacti
Mother's scarlet soil grasps
And desperate fire burns him entirely

 2007 David Greg Harth