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Your Scent
You walk by,
I sniff you
I pick up on your scent
And from that very same scent that you distribute
to your co-workers and lovers and friends and family alike
I can tell
what you had for breakfast
if you like it up the ass
and if you own a dog or a pussy
I can tell
the last time you visited the doctor
and the last time you had sex
I can tell
if you like peppermint or sushi
if you like strawberries or blueberries
if you prefer preserves or jam
I can tell this all
just by passing through your scent
your smell
the scents you carry with you
in passages you take,
crossing my own
I can smell you
and with those smells
I can tell
the last time you bathed
the last time you went to the sea
the last time you slept
the last corner you turned
the last beverage you drank
I can tell this all
just by smelling you
your scent
I can tell if you are clean
or dirty
I can tell if you use generic or name-brand products
on your hair
or on your teeth
I can tell
what detergent you use on your pillow cases
or the thread count of your bed sheets
I can tell if
you day dream or if you remember your nightmares
I can tell if
you looked at yourself in the mirror that same morning,
critiquing your image
I can tell
if you planted flowers recently
and what your favorite bloom is
I can tell
if you lied to your previous lover
Just by smelling
I know this all
I know where you live, where you work, where you sleep and eat
I know where you were born where you are going to and where you bought your shoes
I know everything about you
Just by following your scent
The smell emerging from your armpit and your mouth
The smell emerging from you vulva and ass
The smell from your hair and feet
The smell that you deliver and manufacture
I can tell all
Just by your scent

 2002 David Greg Harth