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Black Eyes
Stare into my black eyes
And see nothing
But the distance between Heaven and Hell
Cycle through and travel
In the cold stone
Concrete construction

Stare into my black eyes
Do I remind you of someone?
Or something?
Grab a hold
Watch my wings part and soar
Now I look upon you with fire behind me
And depths all around

Stare into my black eyes
Become a scared rat and run
Watch me step on your tail and make you suffer
Eat your mother's feces on your child's lap
And drown in your lover's urine and spit
As the earth ignites in blue flame

Stare into my black eyes
Search for the emptiness
Pray to your believer
Take your garlic and cross and wooden stake
Your manuals and books and written words
Your theatre and paintings and tongues
Twist them around and carry them off

Stare into my black eyes
My eyes will bite at your heart
And steal your soul and spirit and faith
Hold my hand
As your eyes become black as mine

 1999 David Greg Harth @ 296
New York City