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I am inside
As I tantalize your mind
I enjoy the outsides
I bleed the first time
I love to be loved
He pulls me in
Closer he gets
He gets closer
His full erection
I know I will bleed...
For the first time
I will loose
My flower is his
I want to
He wants to
He becomes hard
Strong in front of me
By breasts against his chest
By ass on the sheets
I know I will bleed the first time
I want to
I am ready
No condom at hand
His erection so strong
So erect and red
I yell
I yell
He forces
He intrudes
Feels me
All over
He rapes me
He fucks me
He makes me bleed
Part of me wanted
But I said "NO!"
And he came inside of me
He raped me
Hard as it was
He fucked me
He made me bleed
I bled
On those sheets I grabbed
On those sheets my ass was on
No condom at hand
Will I have a child?
A child I do not want
A child of blood
A child
That will be raped?
By his father?

 1997 David Greg Harth