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Blue-Eyed Lost One
If I told you about your blue eyes
How they make the red dirt earth
   crumble beneath my feet
And change the courses of mighty rivers
   through our fields

How they start fire
   on our great powerful sun
Or reveal night-flies
   in the dark shadows

How they create whispers
   in my aged worked palms
Wanting to cover your ears
   from howling wolves from the west

If I told you about your blue eyes
How they capture me
   with endless potion song and dream birds
And invade my thoughts
   during the gathering hours

How they make scattering wide floods
   travel to our salty sea
Or make me reborn
   to my child innocence

How they illuminate those forgotten
   above your bosom
Making roses blossom
   at your beautiful gaze

If I told you about your blue eyes
How they nourish
   the bushes and smokey signals
And make our mother nature
   become jealous

How they fight for eachother
   on the buffalo land
Or make strong eagles soar
   in the tinted blue sky

How they make the weeping trees
   full of laughter
Longing for tears to soak
   in the pattern of your deep black robe

If I told you to meet me
Out beside the great white oak in the corn field
If I held your soft forgiven hand
And took on a silent idea
To go where I have not gone before

Would your blues eyes care and be spoken of
To join me with drink and fruit
For a fire burning feast and deep drum beat
For two spirits
Tonight in the silence?

 1999 David Greg Harth @ 296 nyc