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Booties (Version 2)
I love you.
For 15 years you were a part of my life.
From childhood to young adulthood.
You witnessed me in my crying times.
You were beside me when my brain escaped the world.
You were beside me when I stayed up late to study for tomorrows high school exam.
You were beside me when I opened up Holiday gifts.
Of course you always just wanted the box to play in.
You were beside me as I slept. Most nights, if not every.
You shared my bed and my bathroom sink.
I gave you dinner scraps, not below the table, but on the table.
I took you outside for exploration.
I held you tightly whenever I needed you.
You taught me about love.
With no language or instruction.
You did not speak to me or read to me.
Your comfort. Your fur. The love you provided me with. That is what taught me.
I could hear your heart beat.
I could hear your purr from down the hall.
I could hear your bell from down the block.

You are a crazy cat.
Remember when Mum & Dad got that new mirrored closet in their bedroom?
You were racing around the house and into their room.
You then smacked right into the mirror! (You thought the room was longer!) ha ha!
You are a crazy cat.
Remember on Clay Street,
I had two windows in my room. One facing North and one facing West.
You were in the window sill and then ran downstairs. I then shut that window and opened the other.
A little while later you came racing in and jumped right up to the window sill where you just were.
Only that window was closed! And you went SMACK! right into the window, and fell down!
You are a crazy cat.
You escaped outside (Mum is usually at fault)
You ran through the woods.
And I bolted after you! You were so fast! But I needed you! So I caught up and brought you back home.
You are a crazy cat.
Remember exploring?
You got stuck in a wall 5 feet down!
Mum had to punch a hole in the wall just to get you out!
You are a crazy cat.
Remember how many times you would run into the garage?
What would I do?
I take the plastic wiffle ball bat and bang it against the floor!
That would scare you and you would race back inside!
You are a crazy cat.
Remember you would always hide in the front closet each time you had the chance?!
You would run in when ever someone grabbed a jacket or took out the vacuum cleaner?
Sometimes after the entire day went by, we would find you sleeping in the locked closet!
Silly cat!

I recall all of your favorite spots.
All curled up in the bathroom sink.
Even if the water still dripped on your tail or back; you didn't care.
In the heap of fresh warm clean laundry, right from the dryer.
You would love it, of course Mum wouldnt. Your fur got all over the clean clothes!
How about that black bean-bag chair. The one with the green and orange blanket.
You made that little dip your home, didn't you?
Of course my bed too. Id find you there all the time.
What about the living room chair? And sofa pillows.
You would flatten those pillows to fit your every curve.
How about the dining room chairs on occasion? Hiding under the table.
I could always find you.
How about all curled up in my dresser draw or even just a shoe box?
I also remember another favorite spot.
How about wrapped around the back of my neck?
That was pretty cool, eh?

You loved Tuna night.
It wasnt tuna for you, but Tuna for Cara and I.
You knew it immediately. As soon as Pop took the can opener out. You were down in the kitchen right away!!
You loved french fries and pasta and potato chips.
You loved fish and meat and even had a fine taste for ear wax. (Yes, I know what you like!)

Remember how we played?
I used to take that tiny gold christmas ball and unravel some of the gold string and drag it
around the house. You chased those balls all over. And I would have to take the cane and
get the ones you lost from underneath the couch.
You would always go after flashlights or the laser pointer.
You went crazy for bugs.
And loved catnip.
Remember stalking eachother?
I was pretty good, for a human, eh?

Your soft grey fur.
Your white tummy.
And white little paws; making those boots, those booties.
Your half white mustache.
Your white whiskers.
Your golden green eyes.
Your curiosity.
Your love that no one could forget. No visitor, not even an enemy.
Your desire to sleep and eat and play.
They are tiny compared to the energy, that you had devoted to love me, and to love others.

I love you forever
Thankyou for waiting for me.
Im sorry it took so long.
But you knew I would be there for you,
as you went, when you were ready.
Gracefully. Peacefully.

I love you forever.

 2001 David Greg Harth
Dedicated to Booties, my cat.