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A Brief Conversation with Mr. Rabbitfuck
R=Mr. Rabbitfuck

T: So, tell me how you feel about the situation.
R: Well, I don't really know. Or, perhaps, I'm afraid to admit. I'm strong, and
I admit that sometimes I get weak. I hate it when I get weak, I get crazy. T: What do you mean crazy?
R: I'm not sure. I feel like I'm hovering right above the ground. Drifting.
T: Drifting? R: Yes, like on air. An invisible air cushion floats you around the city. Maybe
protecting me, making the landing softer. Making it easier. T: Making what easier? R: I guess, when you referred to 'the situation,' well, making that easier. T: Is the situation currently uneasy? R: Well, its not uneasy. Its not easy. But it could be easier. If I was to be
notified of truths without circles, it might be easier. T: Truths without circles? What are you talking about Mr. Rabbitfuck? R: We all have circles. Some are large, some are small. Some are true, some are
beat. The true ones are the best. They make things easier. T: What are you talking about? What circles? You make no sense. R: I know, but its my way. Its the way I have to do things. I attempt to also be
true with my circles. But its hard. I create visual art, I write, I speak,
all in cirlces. But when circles intersect, I hope they are true circles. T: So you are currently having some kind of a situation with cirlces? R: Perhaps. Maybe its a metaphor for something larger, more important. T: Well, Mr. Rabbitfuck, that will conclude todays session. Next week we will
talk about the large, more important metaphor, right? R: Ok, I'm going to get a drink. 2000 David Greg Harth @ 1515 NYC