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A Brief Conversation with Mr. Rabbitfuck #2
R=Mr. Rabbitfuck

T: So, tell me how have you been since we last spoke? Its been quite some
time since that last interaction.
R: Yes. Its been almost a year...

T: Right, it has. You changed the appointment.
R: I did.... but I feel good today. Still filled with ache and my eyes are
smokey. Sometimes more than ever but sometimes as clear as can be.

T: Last time you spoke of truths and circles. Are those still on your mind?
R: I wouldnt even put it in those terms anymore, at least not today. Id
rather talk about time and romance and photographic impressions. Its all an
extraordinary blur. A fuzz of movement and astonishing colour. A film full
of repetitions, sequels, re-runs, returns and art-openings.

T: Interesting. How is the situation?
R: Well, no longer will it be needed to be made easier.

T: Last time, I thought, the situation was about truths and circles. Now
all of this is gone?
R: Not gone, but perhaps removed, for the moment.

T: OK, why has it been removed?
R: Well, go back to the art-openings for a moment. Remember seeing who is
there and who is not? Who phones to participate and who does not? Who
phones for care and who does not? Who delivers cookies and who does not?
Who pays with greenbacks and who does not?

T: Let me interrupt you - You have a lot of who and who does not, don't you?
R: Of course, and I'm about to say it, its my way. Even a circle way.

T: You do realize that metaphors wont get you anywhere.
R: I'm not trying to get anywhere, I'm on a straight path to where I want to
be. A straight path with obstacles of course.

T: Of course.
R: <>

T: Well, Mr. Rabbitfuck, that will conclude todays session. Next week we
will talk some more, right?
R: Correct, I'm going to drift.

 2001 David Greg Harth @ 296 NYC