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A Brief Conversation with Mr. Rabbitfuck #3
R=Mr. Rabbitfuck

T: Hello Mr. Rabbitfuck. I havent seen you in a long time.
R: Yes. Once again, it will be almost a year...

T: Right, it has. You delayed the appointment several times.
R: I did.... but I feel great today.

T: Whats on your mind these days?
R: I have been quite busy. Mainly in disbelief.

T: In disbelief of what?
R: Oh, the usual, circles.

T: Cirlces again. These circles seem to amaze me. They keep your mind
quite occupied.
R: True, but only because I let them.

T: Why do you let them, and, please do, tell me about these circles
and disbelief.
R: Well....

T: ...Yes?
R: I'm in a major scene, mind-set, world of disbelief. I don't believe that
J.D. ignores me so much. I mean, yes, I understand its quite impossible to
be in the room of white, but surely the concrete must give at some point.
I don't believe that its not possible. Actually, I truly do believe that
eventually I will be surrounded by white. Have a glass of wine?

T: Pardon me?
R: Its a rhetorical quesiton.

T: Oh.
R: ...they would ask, or invite. But, I'm still in disbelief. Ill be there,
and Ill be even in disbelief when I'm there. But perhaps my others wont.

T: What others? Where?
R: Doctor, the others, you'll discover. I hear The Rolling Stones in my 
mind right now. Do you know their song "Heart of Stone," Doctor?

T: Yes, I do.
R: Reminds me of myself sometimes.

T: Why?
R: <>

T: Mr Rabbitfuck?
R: Yes.. yes... yes... Oh, because I ain't the kind to meet. No body
wants to meet me, Mr. Rabbitfuck. Ill just make my phonecall and sleep
the night away...

T: What phonecall?
R: I will tell you next time. Aren't we out of time?

T: Yes, I believe we are. Please try to come more often.
R: Will do.

 2001 David Greg Harth @ 296 NYC