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Bronze Beauty
My invisible tongue remains silent
Until you shed scattered bronze light
At the first sight of tonight¹s moonshine

Your beauty is a symphony
Orchestrated perfectly
With honey copper colours
Sparkling like a new found jewel

Your joy is to be held
And forever remembered and cherished

I hear the music
I see the visions
Of your beauty coming towards me

Ill be the knight
Who guides your way
Through many forests you will enter

I will be tortured to save your innocence
And I will cry to soothe your pain
And I will honor you
Your beauty is strong like sunlight's penetration through midieval ponds
Your beauty stands out in my mind beyond Michelangelo¹s great chapel
Your beauty is a statue with a pedestal I shall compare all flowers too

Whatever your honesty
Whichever penalty you choose
However you persuade me
Or see right through me

Whether you see it as a beginning
Or the beginning of the end

Ill never forget your first smile
My first glance

Or the temporary world
We shared

Looking at you
Is staring at the sun and the moon
At once

Seeing you dance
Casting shadows that are venomous
To the ground you stand on

The curves twisting in warm candle light
Eating up my thirsty eyes
Forcing me near salomé

As you sleep
I whisper sweetness into your apricot ears

I wish you would play in the rain with me
So I can see water flow down your back
And lick the dribble off your nose

So I can kiss you
Under sunny showers
Skies that open up

I wish you were my portrait
And you would blossom under my skin
For your brown eyes is all I have
Is all I have

© 1998 David Greg Harth