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Buh- bye
And with those last words
She paid her dues

Shes gone forever
Turned the corner

Never before here again
"Buh- bye"
"Buh- bye"
She said in her muttered voice
Her hair messed up
Like she just got up
From last nights pancake house

I won't see her around here no more
Not at the cornerstone
Not at the bar
Not at the leftover room
Or under-stove stool

"Buh- bye"
She said
In her soft-toned voice
Her scratchy vocals
Her song of songs

"Buh- bye"
She said in my ear
Whispered to my insides
Kept from me for years

"Buh- bye"
She said along
Sing along
A childrens song

"Buh- bye"
She said
And she was gone

 2001 David Greg Harth @ 1515 NYC