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Bunny Rabbits Don't Make Mistakes
I've made mistakes
I've skipped a few

I hide
A run from it
Instead of facing it

Yes, like you, I run
In different directions
A fear of the help

I ran down tree tunnels
And bunny rabbit trails
I hit holes
And travel in the fog

But the bunny rabbits
They continue to nibble
All in the right places

They never make mistakes
They do everything right
Hop along
Away from me
Towards me at times
Those certain times

But I, I made the mistake
The mistakes
I have forgotten the importance
Of patience among care and feeding
... said the little rabbit

Bunny rabbits never make mistakes
They guard the family's territory
On the land of Christ

They make sure I burrow
Deep down inside
And pretend to not hear

You quickly pull out
As if unnoticed
Not from either direction
In the dark, you are a bunny rabbit
In the daylight, who am I?

Who am I?

 1998 David Greg Harth