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A butterfly in the wind
Feeling rain beneath my neck
Flowing fluid
Around my white waist

She stands next to me
By my river of hope and destination
She stands next to me
Still and cold.

Her nipples stiff
Hard in the rain
White displays my desire
My erection only proven

She is a butterfly today
And showed me the way
She taught me the light
And showed me the sunrise

We sat outside
And smelled the stars
Looked upon
Eachother's gaze

She is a mystery girl
One with wings
I found her tonight
And remember her yesterday

She is my heart
Standing next to me
In a gapless land
In a stretch arcoss heartland

Telling no lies
She is but one truth
Unheard through eyes
Only your vocals
Temperature rises

Beneath covers
Christmas Trees
And laundry days

I sit on a windosill
Look below me at the ground
I feel the suicide
And sacrafice myself daily

I do the soup and OJ and everything between
I do the goods the bads and the travels
I do the marches the parades and the writings
I do the paintings and audios and the lifts too
But still
What I do most
Is wait

I hear the flapping
Her flapping now
The Butterfly's wings
Of yellow nature
From out west currents

I feel the flapping
In my arms
Surrounding smiles
And warmth now joined

There is only one
But one
A butterfly in the wind
A butterfly in the wind...

 1998 David Greg Harth