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Can't Stop
Stopping is something I can't do
I can not stop this addiction
I try my best
I try everything I can possibly do
But I'm addicted
I can't stop this addiction
I'll hunt
I'll capture
I'll lure
I'll convey
I'll produce
But I can't stop
I try and try and try
No matter what I do
I can not stop
I can't stop
I could not this morning
I could not this afternoon
I could not this evening
I can't now, I can't later
I couldn't stop yesterday
I couldn't stop today
I doubt I'll stop tomorrow
I'll try my best
I'll try everything in my power
I'll try to delete and I'll try to erase
I'll try to avoid and I'll try to persuade
I'll try to mingle and I'll try honesty
But I can't stop
There is no stopping
I can not stop this addiction
I'm addicted and there is nothing I can do to stop
I can't stop

 2011 David Greg Harth