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When I hear the canons,
I think of you.
In beautiful white.
Walking to the completion of yourself.
Your life long partner.
The love of your life.
Reflection of your spirit.
Your soul mate.

When I hear the canons,
I'll be waiting for years but only minutes.
Arrive in my arms and become forever mine.
Hold my hands and interlock.
Become the woman you've dreamed of.
The one half of me, and I, the one half of you.
Let the orchestra play.
And the guests gaze in amazement.

When I hear the canons,
You are beautiful.
With the gorgeous smile you posses.
The walk you dance.
Your blue eyes glaring at mine.
Captivating every chamber of my heart.
I am yours.
And you are mine.

When I hear the canons,
Peace is through the land.
The sun shines on rainy days.
Clouds part to display doves in flight.
Your heart mixes with mine.
Together we become one.
And one we are.
Because it is love we share.

 2006 David Greg Harth

Canons not Cannons