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Chaos: A new Beauty
chaos is in the air
the scent invades my mind
my senses take over
by a truth of lust

chaos is in the air
the doves flew home tonight
brown eyes stare
blue eyes welcome

love is defined
he paints a picture
together they are poets
separated from birth

a welcoming horizon
never thought to exist
a real being found inside
can no longer hide

a barrier once built
now taken down and defeated
a castle of overwhelming magnitude
tracks leading to the fields

vast plains constitute
lions guard the dens
as perfume prevents desires
a cure is near

chaos penetrates my being
the smell conquers my thoughts
she moves swiftly
stinging lioness going for a kill

infiltrates my mind
intrigues my inner self
a poetry writer
a sculptor at heart

beautiful bi-line
twist and turn
a recommended St. Jude
I see an angel in my reflection

running through God's waters
I find a lasting place
an unexpected face
is what I found in this state of grace

a gyration of fluid
a simple mind
a complex thought
share, bond, comprehend

a goddess from heaven
a Bottecheli's last dance
sunset colours
and blood dried dreams

an embrace of warmth
glowing from within the heart
I tear at myself
rip apart my soul
so you can enter
and dance with me
in the midnight sky

a small town womyn
japan a far
romantic scenes
portrait of an enigma

classy through choice
an 80's lover
a 90's conqueror
a developed reason

chaos is in the air
someone fainted back there
lift me up, guide me through
I found someone tonight

chaos is in the air
I breathe it all the time
chaos is in the air
I make love to my dreams

chaos is in the air
the beauty is stunning
the mind is beyond a wish
chaos is my lioness
a reality of my truth
an existence together

 1997 David Greg Harth