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Chrysanthemums & Swords
The doctors told my family I wouldn't live past the age of sixteen
She told me that she didn't feel that magic spark
They informed me I didn't get in
He told me I didn't get the job
They never phoned back
She said "No"
He ignored

He taught me all about speaking and giving from the heart
She disappeared the morning after
She disappeared months later
I walked away
I ran away

The teacher taught me well
The instructor instructed me well
The lovers have all loved me well
The doctors and surgeons fixed me well

I got lost coming home
And I've never made it back
I've never been home since that drive
Every day I turn and all I see is another road to another road to another road

So on this 10th day of July I ask myself
Do I take the road that leads to the sword?
Or do I take the road that leads to the chrysanthemums?

 2012 David Greg Harth