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Coffee Shop
It was in the Coffee Shop
Where we met face to face
I was drinking mine black
You entered from the rear
Came right up to me
Standing over me at the table
In your black fitted suit

My one hand grasping the ceramic china
My other hand placed on the clean smooth table
Sugar, salt shaker, pepper shaker, sit on the surface

You approached me without warning
Now hovering over me
Towering over my structure and thin beard
Dressed in black

We exchange words
Only briefly
With secret glances
Opera music plays in the background
Filling the surroundings
Echoing in our minds

Languages not understood
Flash by my ears
My piece sits in my jacket pocket
We acknowledge that our paths have been crossed
The blue hiss from the lights above radiate us with an iridescent glow
Like fish in the dead sea
I'm unaware that our paths will cross once more
With you murdering me
Not knowing who I am or what I am made of

You depart my table
Your black suit taken with you
You exit through the front
I sip my black coffee
And think about my love

 2002 David Greg Harth