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Complications Of Heart Surgery
Sadly, earlier today, artist David Greg Harth died
of complications from heart surgery.
Harth was scheduled for what was
supposed to be a routine procedure.
Harth was following in the footsteps of
his father and grandfather,
when at the young age of 36, he was
to undergo a triple bypass procedure
at NewYork-Presbyterian Columbia University Medical Center.
While the surgery went smoothly,
Harth never woke up from anesthesia
while in the intensive care unit and
died in a state of unconsciousness.
Harth is survived by his loving wife and two children.
There will be a public memorial held this coming Sunday
at one of Harth's favorite places for French toast,
NoHo Star in lower Manhattan.
The family requests that in lieu of words
of sympathy or flowers,
one could make donations in his name to the
American Foundation For Aids Research or
The American Academy of Neurology Foundation.

 2011 David Greg Harth