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Confronting the Wind
I opened the door
I should have never opened it
I should have kept the door closed

This is how people lose their limbs
And lose their minds
This is how people lose their belongings
And lose their heart

I walked down the street
The wind was stirring up something
The leaves flew across the dimly lit street
There was a howling in the distance
And a howling close by

It was cold
With a light rain
There was something brewing just off shore
Sure to be brutal
Sure to be a nature's beast

I walked down the street
And into the park
It was dark
And cold

My mind became an echo
My mind became a prison
My mind constantly tries to overthrow
My heart's overwhelming lead in decisions

I stood up with clenched fists
Screaming at the ignited clouds
Yelling for someone or something 
To release me of the constant pain I'm in

This ache I can no longer take
With no answer, I faced mother
I kneeled down and said by goodbyes

 2012 David Greg Harth