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Conversation With A Rock Star (Version #3)
David: Hello Tim

Tim: so am i the real tim

David: Tim - thats up to you to decide.

Tim: lets get existential

David: Tim - do you create any visual art??

David: Hello Tim -, I apologize for asking again. Do you
create any visual art? Painting or drawings, etc?

David: Tim, do you have any favorites visual artists? aka:
Warhol/Mondrian/Picasso, etc??

Tim: mondrian today

David: Tim- Do you create any visual art?

Tim: photos from hubble telescope

David: Photos from hubble .. interesting....Tim - do you
like conceptual art? Or the art of Damien Hirst or more
traditional, like that of masters?

Tim: i love the sensation exhibition

David: Tim -Sensation was indeed great. It caused
controversy over here in NYC. when traveling through an art
museum, do you see the art, or do you also listen to it?

Tim: dave you are too big

David: Tim - have you ever collaborated with a visual
artist (gallery kind, not designer kind), either in composing
or creating visuals for an album.

Tim: made a sculpture for a kosovo charity

David: Tim - may I see the sculpture?

Tim: been planning to write a book all my life

David: Tim- are you writing a book, or still planning?

David: Tim - what do you think of Napster? And the MP3
situation? For it or against it - or thoughts on it???

Tim: napster too long an answer would be necessary to give
it justice. Ultimately its exiting but throws up many
moral problems

David: Tim - Napster. True. The music industry is changing,
with techonolgy. Many people are afraid of it. Many people
accept it with arms open . . . .

David: Tim - who is your favorite poet?

Tim: David, Eminem

David: Tim -, I thankyou for participating in my art project.
In Dulbin last fall - you signed my Bible. Thankyou.

David: Tim - have you appeared in any films?

Tim: not yet, David

David: Tim - have you done film work? Are you interested in
independent 'art' films or 'hollywood' films?

Tim: both

David: Tim - Good. Id like to see you in both. What about
writing a script?

Tim: Best film last year American Beauty. The paper bag scene
was worth admission alone

David: Tim - paper bag - totally agree. While seeing that I
thought of all the inspirations in the world, the horror and
wars, the famine, and the beauty and love.

Tim: bye

Tim: bye

David: Tim - what did you think of "Virgin Mary", the
painting by Chris Ofili in the Sensation exhibit?

Tim: about time . sorry

Tim: got to go now. Thanks .

 2000 David Greg Harth