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Count The Tiles
I remember singing the song
Drinking the apple juice
And praying to God

I counted the tiles
And got yelled at for lookin reddish
Devilish under

I said I would fuck em'
And still will for those who do not
Deserve better days

I'll go down with everyone together
Eating sweet bannannas
In day trips
Along sidewalk homes

I'll take rapid eye movements
And listen to them from Jesus
I'll offer you a mint
A candy
And get in trouble for using
God-damn deodorant!

Shove your dots
Up your ass
I like dogs now
What do you think about that?

Inject me with the over-ness
And slip on your slip
Together we'll stradle
The IV post
And we can then discover
How to take a normal one
Count the tiles
And sleep in the white
Because you are mine
And you have read
And I know the code
And you
You do not
You do not
You do not

 1999 David Greg Harth @ 296NYC
Feb 14th Valentines Day 1999