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It's Near Years Day
Come see the lights
Come see the people dressed in black
And see her legs spread wide open

It's New Years Day
Thousands of years after Christ died
For my sins?
And look at my bloody hands

It's New Years Day
I'm outta cash
No salt tears to pour with
No thoughts remain

Its New Years Day
I'm out of it
I'm searchless
Think of a little hope

It's New Years Day
Shouldnt be too long now
I've got the guage
I'm ready set go

It's New Years Day
Dark clouds overhead now
I saw a puppy just the other day
Little life left in a little life present

It's New Years Day
Don't be good
Around the corner shot gun
I'll be back from seven eleven

It's New Years Day
Don't shed a tear
It's going to be thunder
It's going to be real

It's Near Years Day
The children are dead
No one to play with
Sugar in my head

It's Near Years Day
The playground is empty
My hands are solid and numb
My feet are stained with your purity

It's New Years Day
Put on my dress wear
I'll hide in a shadow
And see you next year

 2001 David Greg Harth @ 2594DVA