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207th Street and the Sound of Crickets
It was usually a Sunday
Sometimes a Saturday
I would ride the A-train
All the way up North
To the very last stop

I don't recall reading much
On those trips
Quite often I would listen
To my Walkman
Years later my Discman
Until finally my iPod

Usually I would make a day of it
I would leave early in the morning
Stay for lunch and depart just before dinner
But there were times
That I came for dinner instead

For some reason
I had fond memories
Of your tuna fish salad
It really was perfect
Better than Dad's
Better than my own
I remember you bringing me some
When I was at school
You'd make a big tub of it
Packed tightly in
Recycled rainbow sherbet plastic containers
- Delicious!

I regret a few things though
Even though I probably visited you the most
I regret not seeing you even more
I cherished the naps we took together
Hours long, and that would be my visit

I regret not kissing you on your lips
I know our whole family does it
As a loving "Hello" or "Goodbye" greeting
But for some reason I never got used to it
Even Jordan kisses me on my lips
And I feel weird
Like that kiss is only for
My partners whom I have
An intimate relationship with
But as I reflect,
I wish I had kissed you on the lips

I certainly very much 
Enjoyed holding your hands
Anytime, anywhere
And how our thumbs danced
I now have passed that 
On to Sophie and Jordan
- Tight Squeeze -

I regret not meeting the
Love of my life
Before you both died
I know its something
You both wanted for me very much
But you know I try
Its just almost impossible
For a woman to capture my heart

The lessons of love
You shared with me are invaluable
You were the Prince and Princess Bride
You were Hawkeye and Cora
You were Rome and Juliet
You were Oma and Opa

The other day,
I was standing on an
Outside subway platform
It was an unexpected cooler day
Among what has been a
Hot sticky summer
It was early evening
And I was headed to
Manhattan to have dinner
With Christine, whom you both met (and liked loved)
The crickets were out
Chirping and singing their songs
They reminded of you

 2011 David Greg Harth