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I approach steadily
with my eyes squinting in the dark light
with my nose downwards, sniffing the night air
my hands in front of me
my legs below me
laying horizontally
I slowly crawl across
approach with precise caution
my smooth hands touch the sides
gliding towards
I get closer and closer
crawling nearer
my eyes speaking
my tongue licking my lips
about to divulge in my prey
my feet and calf muscles push me in closer
my elbows dig a deeper brace among the surroundings
my fingers know the direction
the scent is stronger than ever
I feel the heat coming
not even exhausting
but surely, pulsating
even towards me
finally my head is near
my mouth opens
my tongue extends outwards
and with beautiful strokes and touches
I lick your pussy

 2002 David Greg Harth