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Your spread legs make you the divine receiver
The blossoming scent makes me take fever

When I submerge myself inside your sweet nectar
It is I who becomes the massive erector

Your open lips are magnificently decadent
As I enter darkness becomes luminescent

Your trembles create world wide ocean ripples
It is I who nests between your bare nipples

When I thrust between your velvety gates
An explosion of animal grunting awaits

Your orgasms create tidal waves and make glass shatter
The frosting I leave on your backside resembles a painter's splatter

When I have committed the canonizing crime
Kissing you transcends time

If I could compare thee to a summer's day
I would not for I have greater things to say

For each time I am hungry
I am hungry for a cupcake like yours

 2012 David Greg Harth