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Damage my heart
Damage my memory
Damage me to eternity
so I don't feel anything

Fill my suitcase with damage
Take my mother away from me
Leave your kiss on my skin
Damage my surface

Bring on the storm
Push me off,
fall from the sky
Fall like a rock,
a bird.

Damage me
Damage my driven love
Damage my thirst and hunger
Damage my wings

Forget about my world
The words I speak
and hands I hold
Damage them.

Teach me about the lust
About the rememberances
The walkways to heaven
and your God.

Clue me into your universe
Let me speak when spoken to
Let me listen forever
Let me feel the wind and taste the salt

Damage my mind
Damage my hands
Damage my art
Damage my love

Nothing is left
In my empty hands
No one to grace
No one to lose
No one at all.

Damage me to wood
Wood of the earth
And sweat of my peoples
Damage me to the dirt
Dirt of the heart
And tears from them.

 2001 David Greg Harth @ 1515 NYC