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220 sandwet
I was at your doorstep
With a semi-automatic
Ready to kill
Make your teeth bleed

You told me wrong
A lie
And now you must pay
For you have created time

An erotic porn star
In the doorway frame
Standing like an old fashion whore
From out west no where

You always make me weak
But every time I come back to fight
With strength so strong
Of raging black bulls

Ive been to different countries
And fucked you everywhere
You wait on me and stare at me
You charge me and change me

A glowing business man waits
Your pinks, purples and blues
I think its time to change
The rules

I ask to photograph
Your pregnancy
Your fat belly
And large milk nipples

Talking drunk to me
Flurtting with your eyes
Exploring art with me
Reading East books

Like a 76 deck
I watch you burn
You crumble and fall
And expect me to pick you up!?

No. Not me.
Ill leave you for the vultures
For the pretty salt ones at sea
Ill leave you for the celebrations
And the church worshipping beggars

I was at your doorstep
With a dozen flowers in hand
You slammed the door in my face
And now you ask me
Why I have your lover's hand?

 1998 David Greg Harth>NJ07430