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Dance of Love
Walking away
Taking you by the hand
Killing rabbits driving by
Thousands subjected by blood

Its Christ who is preventing
Yorkers are telling me I'm going to Hell
I love you
Really, I love you

How to express it
How to find it
Im taking you by the hand
I can repeat
I'm entitled
Lets have sex

Devour me
Sink on me
And show me your inner light
Pour some golden honey down your back
Glide, slide and feel your inside

The times are mammoth
This town, I'll get out of
No one said anything
When I put a gun up against my head

I love you
I do
It's Christ who stands in the center
It's God who is the devil
It's me who you see, you fuck you like to draw on your april birthdays
It's Valentines day
And you think you know my rap
Mother fucker
You just fucked your mother
Political bullshitter
I think I'll be the baby sitter
I love you.

 1998 David Greg Harth