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Darkness (Version 2)
I'm starting to descend
Into the angel's grave

I'm painting dark paintings now
Come into their depth

The paintings are blackness
Cold, dark midnight blue

I need to bolt them to the walls
Permanent and Resistant
To the children's grabbing
And to Salomé

My passion is growing
To fertilize the land
With my lasting soul

My shadows no longer lurk
They capture me and pull me
To the underground

The silence is no longer my enemy
But my constant friend
And eager lover

They continue to lie to me
Telling me about the fantasy lover fame
And I can not even make a frame

I pretend all these years
Not to work in a morgue
Not to feel the grooves in which we slide

The door is opening for me
I must go
For it is time
To move

The door is ajar
I can see the darkness
Forgive me
As I must go ...

© 1998 David Greg Harth @ 296 NYC