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Decipher The Lover's Poetry
Hunting in the lover's words.
Looking deep inside.
Knowing the statements.
Consuming the nightly challenges.
Bordering insanity.

Singing to the lover's tongue.
Experiencing the thoughts.
Eating at the plate of the devil.
Smelling the scent of the lover's breadth.
Listening to the heart.

Thanking the lover for the evening.
Laughing to the spoken silence.
Parting the lips to welcome.
Softening the touch behind the nape.
Hiding the pleasant untold secrets.

Turning over and moving your hips.
Painting the picture of the flourishing valley.
Opening the door to the soul.
Standing near the open window with a breeze in your hair.
Sharing the mind's eye.

Feeling the sensitivity.
Playing the part of the unwanted friend.
Stretching rules and guidelines of humanity.
Changing mournful times to healthy pleasure.
Growing older with the lover hand in hand.

Greeting with a salt sea and scroll.
Penetrating walls of thick mortar.
Swimming lost oceans of messages.
Creaming whipped blends of ache.
Ending with lines of amendments.

 2004 David Greg Harth