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458 (Found Poem)
blue eyes from the west
meet blue eyes from the east
she: olive skin
he: ghost from beneath
a thankyou
a penetration
a no "please" on the ra-dio

smooth reaches
navel galore
experience truth, "A"
let the artist inside
and he may never come out
let the artist inside
and one day, I will dive

you reached an ocean
i took the lead
you felt the motion
I conquered the colors

crystal blue
round and yours
the touch, the feel, holy inside
the secrets, the fantasies

a division of society
sheets make a boundary
a simple hello
an intense hug

beauty surrounds
that glow within
from far they come
and to be with them

a wish from below
and above
a journey of no other
a complex wonder

the sensual
the enriched
the lasting

from day to day
a thought behind
baby eyes
eyebrows to die for

every curve
every inch
heat sensitive
and a cool breeze

no justification
just an imagination

outside or
over and out
i am about

feel the time
hold it
grasp it
capture it

then and only then
ask yourself
deep down inside
or why not?

wise, very wise
and today
see a new red shape

 1998 David Greg Harth