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Destruction of Innocence
Dive into the mere nothingness of vast blackness
  dead sky
  and lonely chambers
  that I once knew

I can buy you a music personality
  make you a hand puppet
  and give you my puppy dog eyes
  under my skin

I'm just a scratched hunter
  insecure of pleasure
  underdeveloped in the area of redness
  and silent in timely hopes

Let me breathe
  and push me away
I'll find you under trap doors
  and beneath the sea

Become forbidden with me
  tear yourself away
Become silent with me
  and lay under the stars

Let me in
  and youll be my magnet
I'll find you under the rubble
  and beneath the flame

Become bitten with me
  surrender to your surroundings
Become bonded with me
  and smile with my smirk

I claim the moon to be yours
  its my gift to you
  the stars are for you
  all this for you

 2000 David Greg Harth @ NYC @ Brooklyn @ 296 NYC @ 1515 NYC