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They transported me by ambulance
Making numerous turns down congested streets
Rain plummeted down upon the grids of chaos
The windshield became a kaleidoscope of city lights
Reflecting hollow truths and past memories

They said I had a very faint vital sign left
A slight pulse which would fade in and out
Gradually it would come into existence
And disappear just as easily as it came forth

They said I was found unconscious on the concrete floor
They didn't know how long I was there
They were unsure what happened to me
They found me bare, bruised and alone

As I have come out of previous deaths before
It is no marvel that I survived this brush as well
Slowly digesting what the doctors revealed to me
I lay in this hospital bed I'm quite familiar with

The team of doctors in white coats
Came into my room just as I was eating the hospital lunch
Which consisted of slightly warm pasta with tomato sauce that tasted more like ketchup
A pear, a roll with butter, and plasticware wrapped in clear plastic
The plasticware package also contained a napkin and salt & pepper packets
Also included with the lunch was a small carton of 2% milk and a ginger ale 
It was then, during my hospital lunch that the doctors informed me
I've been diagnosed with a broken heart

 2012 David Greg Harth