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I woke up this morning,
And things were different.
I stayed in bed
To analyze these differences.

I started to speak languages foreign to my own tongue of American English.
I spoke Mandarin and Korean, German and Hebrew, French and Italian.
I spoke Polish and Spanish, Arabic and Swahili, Russian and Swedish.
I spoke Hindi and Danish, Polish and Japanese, Persian and Greek.
I spoke Lithuanian and Thai, Turkish and Portuguese, Catalan and Tonkawa.
To name a few.

I no longer had hair. Anywhere.
The hair on my arms was gone.
The hair under my arm pits.
The hair on my knuckles was gone, the hair on my toes was gone.
The hair on my legs, the hair on the back of my neck.
The hair on my head was gone.
My facial hair, my eyebrows, my eyelashes.
All my hair was gone.
The hair on my chest and the hair between my scrotum and anus.
I was smooth all over. Not a trace of hair. No evidence of it's existence.
My hair was gone, I am bare.

Lying still
Thinking about these changes
These differences
I hear a sound upstairs.
A loud thump, a small bang, a coordinated rumble.
I don't get out of my bed to investigate.
I stay still.

 2009 David Greg Harth