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Disease of Difference
In my land of Palestine
I discovered a gold mine
Traveled to the Golan Heights
Witnessed forbidden sights
Washing out the dust
Telling these stories I must
This smoke, this history
I surrender to the border control
To high walls and west banks
I smuggle in humanity
The necessary, the water
My black shoes now white
From white rock and desert trees
Powder of a thousand years and a thousand deaths
Government forced blood tears
Apples and infiltrators crossing borders
Syrian students hidden from their mothers
Destroyed a Jew, destroyed a martyr
I climbed these walls of stone, I walked over water
Stealing Jerusalem, tunnel digging
Launching rockets, rope rigging
Victory is yours and victory is mine
Rip out the signage and rip out my spine
Jews and Muslims embedded in bed
No answers, no reasons, bury the dead
In cloaks and hats and veils they dressed
A disease of difference confessed
Makes no sense or cents, no flood, no blood
I brush my hair, I brush my teeth
I trust you with rock, I trust you with flame
Their weak heavy tanks roll over my feet
Gather at my wooden table and let us meet

 2009 David Greg Harth