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Doctor, Doctor! I'm Drowning In This River
Deeper and deeper I go, diving in the deep 
She phoned the doctor when she saw how far I went
I put her in convulsions, she obtained no sleep

Noticed I was the one in her dreams, I was the one to keep
Couldn't believe how I sunk down under and in
Just months ago on the street, I did sweep

The surrounding pool, so comfortably warm to my skin
Full moon over in the dark cave sky
Hooked on my passionate smirk, my innocent grin

Took her around the corner, took her out for a spin
Whirlwind, the doctor is on alert
Soon to discover my very own kin

I'm drowning in the gush of a waterfall's rush
Call the doctor, quickly notify
The neighbors desperately try to make us hush

No more a little decade crush
The way I penetrate the deep blue sea
All I can do is push and pull and make you flush

I'm drowning in this deepness, beyond ocean's divide
Conquered love's parallel
I turned this universe on its side

Split the solar system up and wide
Black hole accepting passion's lustful thrust
Engulfed and swallowed, make me hide

Doctor! Doctor! I plead you how
Come and save me 
My back, my hoe, my plow

I take until the grave, an everlasting vow
Let me look, let me listen
Make your magic, make it now

 2007 David Greg Harth