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Dollar For A Dream
Why did you bend down towards me?
Show me your clevage?

And how do you do that trick
And spin your necklace around and around
Your charm falling between your breasts?

Why do you do that?
Flaunt and tease me
Putting handcuffs on my warm hands
And make my heart full of a snake's cold blood?

And how do you cast shadows
And make the darkest night darker
How come my depth is only commercial to you
Yet you can reveal your innerself
Infront of me with your tits?

Why is it when I mention real english
You shutter at the thought of what I say?
Why do you do that?
And question my origin?

How come you can leave it open
Or close it
But when I come in
It does not exist?

How come the power that can be seen
And the mirage that can be felt
May seem to me
Just a fake orgasm?
Just a time that I want to hold onto forever?

Why do you do that?
Why do you shove your breasts in my face
If I have not given you a dollar
for a dream?

 1998 David Greg Harth