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Don't Forget
Ocean crests break upon the beach
Rivers bend over smooth stones
Rain drizzles down on little toes

Sun sets lonely behind thunderclouds
Moon glares at the sky's window
Stars shoot across this everlasting universe

A forest sits alone at night
Trees sway in midnight's wind
Autumn leaves drift endlessly below

Morning doves chirp at dawn's light
Sparrows sing the union bells
Kites soar along harbor sails

Fire ignites the eternal flame
Double helix blends to conceive
Milk pours to the baby's mouth

City lights shimmer upward heavenly
Plains run through metropolitan's farm
Street stretches across to unite sapphire

Your laughter floats down my corridors of tenderness
Your voice echoes in the pockets of my heart
Your eyes illuminate my everyday existence

 2006 David Greg Harth