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Don't Wait Up For Me
How long has it been?

Operator, please put the phone call through
Havent heard your beautiful voice in days

Wish I could be with you for eternity
Your positives and negatives

I just won't get over it
I just won't get into the swing with you

How long has it been?

I'll send you an SOS signal and see if you receive it
Follow me and not get wed or committed

Wish I could share unique languages with you
That can only be understood between you and I

Stay up late with me and ignore me when I'm not me
Wake up early with me for flights to foreign escapes

It's been forever
Our lines are dead; they never were.
I think of you night and day.
Time is passing.

How long has it been?

Briefly we spoke together at the open table
Discovered hidden truth

Wish I could be among your spot of blue and loneliness
Above ground and below the earth's lie

Kiss your cheek under the setting sun
And laugh with intelligent curves

How long has it been?

I saw your warm body everyday among my cold sheets
Even met those you care for

Wish you could be my lover's tongue
That slips in and out of my conscious memory

Run with me to conquer this fairy-tale
Lets whisper secrets of passion

It's been forever
I'm closing the door.
Going for a lengthy walk to the end.
There is nothing around but the left over scent of your sexuality.

How long has it been?

Moments could have lasted if we didnąt read ourselves incorrectly
Seen the importance of one another

Wish I could have that rough sensual fornication we share
On those lost rainy nights

Gone blooming like a flower today
Became a perceptual subliminal person today

Don't wait up long for me,
I'm not coming home tonight.

© 2002 David Greg Harth